Sarcastic Quotes About Bad Fathers

Undoubtedly, the father is the true blessing for the children of God. But it can still be a problem for children if they have bad fathers who keep extra checks on their children and remain forcing them to adopt their decisions. It leaves a bad impact on the children and they consider their fathers as “bad fathers”.

You can’t say anything to them because it is a matter of your respect for them. The best approach to let them know about their behavior is through sarcastic quotes about bad fathers. Using these words, you can tell your father about his mistake and let him know what you are suffering from.

Be mindful that it is not your father’s fault to behave like this. But it is because he might be suffering from issues, tensions, and other problems. So, you shouldn’t react aggressively to his behavior but take care of it by saying some sensible and humorous words in the form of sarcastic quotes about bad fathers.

If you don’t know about such quotes, you should scroll down to this page. We have collected 100+ sarcastic quotes about bad fathers. You can choose any of these and share them with your father to realize their behavior.

100 + Sarcastic Quotes About Bad Fathers 

My dad never flew me to the top of a mountain, but he did fly off the handle a lot.

I always knew my dad was a superhero…in his own mind.

My dad was a man of few words, but those words were usually insults.

My father taught me everything I know…about how not to be a dad.

I have a love-hate relationship with my dad. He loves me, and I hate him.

My dad’s parenting style can be summed up in three words: ‘Do as I say, not as I do.

Dad taught me everything I know. Unfortunately, he didn’t teach me everything he knows.

100 + Sarcastic Quotes About Bad Fathers 

A daddy can make an excuse but a mother gotta figure out how to make ends meet regardless!!

A daddy can make an excuse but a mother gotta figure out how to make ends meet regardless!!

A teen shouted at his Dad: It’s not your job to embarrass me. He replied, “I know.” Then smiled and said, “It’s one of the perks.

Sarcastic Quotes About Bad Fathers 

Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.

Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.

Would you let your daughter date a man like you?

It’s not a child’s responsibility to reach out to their dads…. It’s a father’s job to reach out to their children.

Quotes About Bad Fathers 

Nothing is weaker or useless than the man who hurts his children, whether by his actions or by his lies.

Nothing is weaker or useless than the man who hurts his children, whether by his actions or by his lies.

My father had a profound influence on me, he was a lunatic.

A baby daddy’s favorite lie is, She doesn’t let me see my kid….No dude. YOU don’t let you see your kid.

You inspire me to be nothing like you.

Sarcastic Quotes About Deadbeat Dads

When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.

My dad used to say, always fight fire with fire, which is probably why he got thrown out of the fire brigade.

I remember the time I was kidnapped and they sent a piece of my finger to my father. He said he wanted more proof.

No matter how old you get. The hole in your heart created by your father’s absence still aches. Especially on Father’s Day.

Becoming a dad means you have to be a role model for your son and be someone he can look up to.

Fathers should know that sons follow their example, not advice.

A real man takes care of his kids no matter what the relationship is with the mother of his child.

Becoming a father is easy enough, but being one can be very rough.

If a man cannot be a father to his own child, there is nothing worse than that.

There should be an anti-father’s day. A bad dad’s day. That way I could truly say “You are the best.

My dad always said, You better go to church every Sunday. We need somebody in this family to go to heaven.

I love my dad because even though he has Alzheimer’s, he remembers the important things. He can’t remember my name, but last week he told me exactly how much money I owe him.

Don’t take the title of a man if you simply can’t handle the responsibilities of being one.

Sorry, that mommy has to teach you how to be a man. Daddy was more of a bitch than we initially thought.

I was 36 before I figured out most of my dad’s advice to me was just quotes from Burt Reynolds movies.

I overheard Mom telling Dad, “Congratulations on being a year older and still maintaining such a low level of maturity. You are truly an inspiration.

Some kids are able to become independent without the presence of their father.

Only twenty-two percent of fathers who don’t live in the same house as their children are “actively” involved.

It is the selfish parents who are to blame. Pay attention, and be involved in your children’s lives. They are your legacy, your only hope.

A real parent is someone who put their kids above their own selfish wants and needs.

I never had a speech from my father ‘This is what you must do or shouldn’t do’ but I just learned to be led by example. My father wasn’t perfect.

Sons aspire to either become their father or vie to be his exact opposite.

I felt my father’s presence with me, helping me to commit to paper the feelings I had. I really heard my father speaking to me from the other dimension.

Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son.

Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers, and fathering is a very important stage in their development.

Bad Father Quotes

A bad father is one who only thinks about himself and never considers the needs of his children.

A selfish father is more concerned with his own success than the happiness of his family.

The absence of a father can be better than the presence of a bad one.

A bad father puts his own desires above the emotional well-being of his children.

A father who prioritizes his own needs over his children’s is a failure.

Bad Father Quotes From Daughter

My mother and grandmother were the rock in my life, but still, the absence of a father created an emptiness.

My father was absent in my life. I didn’t have any male energy in my home. I was looking for that fatherly figure, that figure of protection and love.

The greatest gift a father can give his daughter is to love her mother.

A father’s love is unconditional and irreplaceable. It’s something that no one else can ever provide.

If a father has been absent or unsupportive, it doesn’t mean that their child can’t still succeed in life.

A bad father may not be able to give guidance and support, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still provide love and acceptance.

Bad Father Quotes From Son

The only thing worse than a bad father is no father at all.

A father is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again.

It’s not what a man does that defines hio hit me so m; it’s what he does next.

My father used thard that I would see stars.

My father was never there for me when I needed him.

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